Whether you're from near or far ...
You'll go on a unique journey.
Where you will learn something new every day.
Make a difference you can see and feel.
And make your mark on this place forever.
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Volunteer with HDA

Building Homes. Mending Futures. Transforming Lives.

A Week of Work Makes a Lifetime of Impact!

Help us build affordable homes and make critical home repairs
for low-income families & flood survivors living in the Appalachian Mountains of East Kentucky.

HDA's Volunteer Program

State & National Volunteers

Our State & National Volunteers come from all over Kentucky and from all across the USA. We welcome college mission trips, church youth groups, corporate retreats, seniors/older adults, etc. If you have a heart willing to serve, we’d love to have you serve with us! From helping us build new homes for low-income folks to repairing the homes of those in great need, you will be helping shape the future of our region. And you get to serve in the hills and hollows of Appalachian East Kentucky – one of the most naturally beautiful areas in the entire country. Come make a change you can immediately see and feel!

Local Volunteers

In East Kentucky, neighbors aren’t just the people who live next door – they’re close friends and family (whether by blood or not). We believe in mountain people helping mountain people, and when a neighbor needs our help, we all show up to give them the hand they need. Each year, we have special events for building & repairing homes in which we ask our community to participate. Local churches, schools, clubs/sports teams, businesses, civic groups, and more are invited to join us in making our mountain homes better. Come help us build a brighter future for our families and community!

The HDA Experience

The Housing Development Alliance, or HDA, provides volunteer opportunities throughout the year for groups from all over the country and for our East Kentucky friends and neighbors. We tailor each experience based on what we know the groups are hoping to gain from their time of service. From College Mission Trips to Church Youth Groups to Corporate Retreats and more, we invite you to serve with us and witness the work you do immediately having an impact! Not only will you make a lasting change for the family and region you’re helping, but you’ll also find that perhaps the biggest change has happened to you.

In addition to helping others and picking up some cool construction and carpentry skills, you’ll learn more about Appalachia, become more knowledgeable about the culture of East Kentucky, and enjoy the region’s scenic natural beauty!

Our program is unique.

You’ll work with our on-staff professional carpenters on actual worksites, where you’ll serve as part of our crew in building a new home and/or making home repairs. Our New Home Construction Crew and Home Rehab/Repair Crew has a lead carpenter who is in charge of the site. Our carpenters have years of experience in working with volunteers so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands! Also, we make every effort to make sure you get to meet the homeowner or family you’re helping!

Building. Mending. Transforming.

Volunteers in our program have contributed over 30,000 hours of labor in our community, helping us build over 250 new homes for low-income families and repair over 700 homes! Nearly 2,500 Appalachian East Kentucky families in need have been helped by our State & National and Local Volunteers.

For ages 14 & up. Children younger than 14 are welcome to tag along, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

After you’ve signed up, our Volunteer & Community Coordinator will contact you to get you ready for the trip! You’ll also receive a fully detailed Volunteer Planning Guide to utilize while you’re here.

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What's It Like to Volunteer at HDA?

Y'all Come Serve With Us!

Click here to check out available dates on our calendar. Dates are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Contact our Volunteer & Community Coordinator, who will answer questions about available dates and will discuss the application process, fees (for State & National Volunteers; Local Volunteers do not pay a fee), and deadlines.

Call us at 606-436-0497.

Jane Rose Britton, Volunteer & Community Coordinator

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